Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill Funding

The Montgomery GI Bill was created to give support and education funding to members of the United States Military. It’s a program that has existed in many different forms over the years. The Montgomery Bill Active Duty benefit set is available to any active duty soldier that signs up for at least six years, two of which have to be active duty, and the other four years can be reserve duty. The benefit educational funds from the Montgomery GI bill can start the day your active duty service ends and a person has 10 years from their separation to use the funds. Personnel can sometimes have their benefits extended if any of the following conditions apply-you have a medical condition that gets worse when you are on active duty, you are discharged from active duty honorably but against your will (such as reduction in fighting force, RIFF) or if there are other emergency hardships that happen to you. When you get your MGIB funds you will have a total of 36 months of benefits, which can start and stop if needed, but amount to a total of 36 months put together. You can access these educational funds to be used for college and university programs, certification and licensing for apprenticeship programs and civilian jobs, and for flight training. The MGIB bill pays for programs in vocational and technical courses, support for small business and training programs and distance and correspondence programs. How much does the active duty MGIB bill pay? Well a lot depends on the different type of training that you participate in, and whether or not you paid into a kicker type program when you were on active duty. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The program that you choose has to be approved for VA MGIB bill funding, and you have to enroll and apply to actually access these VA benefits. You can access the money to attend university or college or receive vocational training after you depart active duty in the military. Using the MGIB will allow you to set goals and realize many of your educational issues that without the MGIB bill you will not be able to achieve. The support that you receive from your MGIB will allow most people to achieve their degree using the funding options available.




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