US Navy Travels to Kenya to Spread Good Cheer

The center, which will be in Africa, will be known as Africom, and will offer helpful aid to those that are in the area. This is seen as essential to those that live in the country of Kenya, as well as any Navy personnel that are in the area. This move is the first move to the Kenya area, and is seen as unprecedented, as there are no other types of troop movement that has been this strong in the area before, and there more than likely will not be anything else like it in the near future.

The Navy personnel that are currently in the area are known to be there to help hand out food rations, give medical aide, offer clothing and administer any other service that may be needed. The Kenyan shores will also be guarded with the US Navy boat that has been deployed, and will continue to move towards the path of assistance and aide for all of the Kenyans that are in need. It is said that there is tight security that are on the boats as this time, as the help that is needed will be granted, but not without a fight, if need be. The overall mission of the Navy being in the area is to warrant goodwill towards others, as they hope that the goodwill will then be forwarded on.

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