Nuclear Power School Training Programs

The United States has operated a nuclear training program since the first USS Nautilus, the first submarine that was powered by a nuclear reactor. The Navy has been a pioneer in the Nuclear Power program forging new procedures and setting the standard in nuclear power generation. Training for the personnel in the nuclear power program for the United States Navy is held at the US Navy Nuclear Power School in South Carolina. The US Naval Nuclear Power School is a very intense scientific program that is conducted by the US Navy to train enlisted personnel and sailors to operate power plants on board ship, both on surface vessels and submarines. Nuclear Power Training school is the program that trains enlisted Navy sailors in Nuclear Power operations. To qualify for the school the candidate has to have already graduated from their Class A school in their assigned qualification rating, such as Machinist Mate or Electronics Technician. After they graduate Class A technical school, personnel compete for the right to attend Nuclear power training, it is very competitive, only the top 3 percent of all sailors in the entire Navy that apply are accepted. The Navy trains their submarine personnel and their sailors that serve on subs are considered the whiz kids of the Navy, and are their mathematics and Science experts. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The United States Navy Nuclear Power school is the most technologically demanding occupational type training program in the Navy. It is a fast paced highly demanding program that has very strict training standards and training requirements for all of its personnel. Classwork requires about 45 hours a week in the classroom and about 30-35 hours a week in homework and study. Because of the classified and secret manner of the information and material, students actually have to stay inside the classroom at the Navy Power Nuclear Training school; the classroom has a monitor or facilitator that maintains the classroom after classroom instruction hours. The school is located at Goose Creek SC, and after graduation from the Navy Nuclear Power school personnel continue on to Nuclear Reactor prototype training facilities where they receive further training and instruction. They then are assigned to submarines in the US Navy fleet. Sailors who have succeeded in their training and then serve on submarines are often employed later in life as college level instructors in mathematics or physics type college or university programs.




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