Highly Affordable Home and Auto Insurance Rates for US Military Veterans

Thank you veterans

Highly affordable home insurance and auto insurance facilities have been made available to active military families and military veterans. Some of the best insurances for military families are geared towards saving military families a lot of money alongside giving them the best customer service experience. Here, we will be discussing some of the top home and auto insurances for military facilities in America.

Generally, military families are quite busy with a number of things such as physical training, long duty hours and deployments. Any break can be utilized wisely to save time and money. Luckily, some of the insurance companies out there realize this fact and try to provide urgent and live services to military families.

What Do Military Families Need Insurance For?

It should be noted here that service members and veterans are not really immune to government insurance requirements. The Affordable Care Act’s individual decree are usually not inconvenient since you always have Tricare medical coverage. Fortunately, some of the insurance companies mentioned here are the ones who try to serve the ones who serve us in the best way possible.

Renter’s insurance is yet another popular insurance policy among military families, apart from automobile insurance. In order to protect the property of a junior-enlisted soldier in the barracks and the belongings and goods of his or her married family living in the rented civilian quarters, this type of insurance comes as the best option possible.

A lot of military members use the Service Member’s Group Life Insurance. This type of insurance is a cost effective life insurance program backed by the government itself. However, many members of the military try to supplement that coverage to make sure their families are financially safe in the case of a battlefield death. Even though the insurance is not the best in town, it might seem like the only option military personnel have.

Look no further! Here are some insurance providers that are willing to go an extra mile to serve the military!


USAA is probably an insurance provider that tops the list of every military member. Any and every product that a military personnel would want to buy is offered by USAA. Even though USAA claims that they provide 100 percent customer satisfaction and transparency, there are areas in their contracts that need to be properly viewed prior to accepting them.

One of the best things about USAA is that it offers the lowest rates of insurance products to members of the military. However, sometimes, the price might be very strict as per their contracts and policies. It is recommended to read and analyze the contracts of their insurance documents prior to accepting them.

Navy Federal:

Navy Federal is another great insurance company dedicated to providing military members and veterans insurance and banking products. Navy Federal Financial Group boasts a bit higher customer satisfaction ratio compared to USAA.

USAA has quite some negative reviews on the internet but Navy Federal usually has a lot of positive reviews. Therefore, in terms of customer satisfaction, Navy Federal stands taller than USAA.


Gieco is special because it staffs veterans and has dedicated an entire section of their company to military personnel and veterans. The best feature of Geico is that it provides exceptional discounts for service members on all of their major products. In this very context, it should be noted that the insurer does not draw any specific cheaper policies but for all products. Many customers are of the view that this gives military customers a benefit and better products compared to dedicated military companies like USAA.


Web based insurance companies such as Progressive are great for service members. Although it is not recommended to shop online for insurance considering the amount of spam companies out there, Progressive stands as an exception proving it has highly affordable prices for coverage. You even get search tools through which you can match competitor’s rates and add in custom options.




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