Enlisted Criminal CID Investigator Careers

The Army maintains its own Criminal Investigative service to take care of in depth investigations and criminal cases. The Army Criminal investigative Service is the Army Law Enforcement investigation special service. It works to investigate and look into various types of investigations and Army law enforcement matters. An enlisted Army CID investigator starts out working under direct supervision of a more advanced and senior CID officer, working to deal with criminal investigations and learning on the job additional training from senior investigators. The Army works to enforce the law and the UCMJ, which is the military uniform code of military justice. The UCMJ spells out the majority of laws and regulations that govern military personnel serving in the United States Military service around the world. Army CID Special Agents are responsible for conducting investigations and supervising various types of inquires into criminal offenses with Army or military personnel. Some of the different responsibilities that serving in the Army CID as an investigator involves looking into serious crime, conducting background checks at the direction of Army Commands, and working to gather and preserve forensic criminal evidence. Army CID personnel work to maintain criminal investigative service records, and conduct a variety of serious and sensitive investigations. Working out of an Army CID office involves dealing with many different types of criminal intelligence and information. You can potentially deal with espionage, treason and other types of investigative services infractions. After attending basic training for 9 weeks you will progress to advanced CID training School. You will attend 15 weeks of advanced individual training and learn investigation and surveillance skill sets, and how to collect and deal with different types of investigation skills. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! As you are trained as a CID investigator you will learn how to deal with state of the Art investigative techniques. You will learn how to conduct covert surveillance and gather information on minor and advanced criminal investigations, as well as how to assist in major cases involving potential terrorism, treason or other high level operations. The CID Army Investigation service supports the Army in time of war and peacetime, and they conduct in depth investigations in both battlefield conditions and peacetime operations. They are involved in logistical security and looking into serious crimes. They also work in investigation of war crimes and enforcing the rule of law.




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