Entomology Navy Science Careers

It takes a person with a great deal of scientific curiosity to desire to work with insects, but that is just what a Navy Entomology Specialist deals with. You will examine and study insects to help prevent illness and disease. There are nearly 1 million different kinds of insects around the world. Working as a Entomology Scientist with the US Navy is a job specialist that deals with identification and study of many of these different species of insects as part of your job. You would work to track and provide identification to different types of insects that could pose a hazard to personnel or carry diseases, and you will work to prevent this. Military personnel in the United States military work in some of the most hazardous situations in the world, in some of the most compromised disease laden situations in the world. Many times the threat from insects in these conditions can be as great as threats from bad water or other pollution. As a Navy trained entomologist you will work to protect Navy, military and civilian personnel from specific insects and animals that bear disease and pose a threat. You will be instructed and trained in a variety of duties and prevention techniques that will assist in disease prevention. You will work to control specific insect populations or insects found in a specific area, including controlling vector type diseases found in the field by US Navy, US Marine Corps and other military personnel working to perform American military missions. As a Navy entomologist you will plan, direct and work on participation with different organizations to control disease. You will work with programs involved in operational, consultative, training and quarantine issues for the prevention of nuisance pests and insects. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will work to provide monitoring and surveillance on organisms, insects and venomous insects, plants, animals, rodents and other types of pests and vermin. You will work with Navy and other military personnel to create new and innovative control measures, and practical training to prevent disease and insect infestation. This is a job for a Commissioned Navy Officer, so if you are a advanced science student with a degree in entomology studies and want to serve your country in a specific scientific capacity, there is a position in the United States Navy available for you.




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