Pentagon’s New Base Closure Plan has Army and Air Force Based on the Forefront

US Airforce fighter jet
According to a new study, the Army would be severely impacted by Pentagon’s controversial step to close some of the military bases. According to a recent report sent by the Defense Department on Friday to Congress, the military currently holds 22 percent more than required space with its network of installations. In addition, the report concluded that the Army has 33 percent excess capacity. On the other hand, the Air Force holds 32 percent excess capacity. The Navy holds more than 7 percent of required space.

The Defense Logistics Agency holds up to 12 percent of excess space, as the report suggests. This report is being considered as one of the first kinds in the last 12 years, focusing on cutting down military bases. “This level of excess underscores the need for a BRAC round because it is clear that the Department has more infrastructure than force structure plans require,” a part of the report states.

According to an accompanying letter by Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, the Defense Department’s dialogue on Base Realignment and Closure Commission needs to be focused. This strategy aims is used by Capitol Hill to identify military bases that need to be shut down.

According to the report, the Defense Department could save up to $2 billion annually, if the new BRAC plan is implemented. However, no facility has been yet identified specifically to be shut down. However, the move is still being considered as a controversial move, even though the Pentagon has been urging the Congress for years to shut down bases to save money.




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