Ground Patrol Yield Coalition Successes

Marine Corps Experience Positive Results One of the more effective methods of getting to know the local citizens is to get out and participate with the community. The best way of doing that is using foot patrols. Marines are working diligently to get out among the community, and to have opportunities to interact with the local citizens as they perform security patrols in and around Ameriyah and surrounding villages. For the most part the ground patrols offer a unique opportunity for soldiers to get to know the community, and to meet and interact with citizens. The community and Iraqi citizens have for the most part been open to getting to know the soldiers, and the intelligence and information that they gain is very valuable as they continue to work to prevent insurgents and terrorist activity. The number of IED’s and explosive devices that are being found in the region has raised, the more that the Marines are able to get out into the community the more that they discover and are able to take explosives out of commission. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Marines are being successful using basic communication and interaction with the citizens. They are finding that the citizens are receptive to their actions, and are giving the soldiers a positive reception. The citizens have led soldiers to several large weapons caches recently. One cache of weapons was filled with RPG’s, and AK-47 rifles.




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