Iraqi Medical Teams Receive Training

Coalition Forces Train At Operating Base Speicher Working with soldiers in Iraq brings different units of the coalition in close proximity with the their fighting men and women. The areas that often overlap include the medical service personnel. Recently the Coalition worked to give advanced medical training to various units of the Iraqi Medical Corps. Combat lifesaving is something that the U.S. Army and Army National Guard excel at, but many of the Iraqi medical personnel have not previously had combat lifesaving training. The Combat lifesaving course was taught to several units of Iraqi Medical personnel recently at Forward Operating Base Speicher, and was greeted warmly. The overall tempo of emergency medical responses has been raised, and both sides benefited from the medical operations training. The skills in combat lifesaving are directly applicable to the situation in Iraq. These skills have been taught to Iraqi Policemen, Iraqi National Army, as well as local sheikhs and civilians. Each person who learns the basics of lifesaving as it applies on the battlefield or combat zone is one more person that can render aid when necessary to soldiers or civilians who are injured in fighting. And each time the Combat Lifesaving class is taught, there always follows situations soon after where the newly graduated students are able to make the difference, and save lives. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The basic training in combat lifesaving includes casualty care, triage, and keeping the airway open and breathing restored for battlefield victims. In addition, different ways of stopping bleeding and wound care is covered.




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