Navy And Coast Guard Support Iraqi Effort

Persian Gulf Operations Not New To Either Service Coast Guard Servicemembers are found in many locations in the United States, providing security and coastal overwatch for the United States Coastline, but there is a number of different Coast Guard Units Serving in the Persian Gulf. Both the Coast Guard and the Navy work to provide maritime security for the shipping and maritime operations in the Gulf. The Coast Guard works closely with the Navy in small boat operations, inspecting shipping and conducting normal inspection and maritime security operations. They provide sea-based support for Iraqi shipping and make sure that various types of insurgents and terrorists do not get a foothold in the area. The US Navy runs 170-foot Cyclone class patrol boats and there are also 110 foot Coast Guard Island Class patrol boat. Both of these boats have small boat crews that patrol from them outward, with zodiac inflatable rafts and other small boats. With this system of patrol boats the Coast Guard is able to cover a larger area. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The crews are swapped out every six to nine months, and this helps maintain Navy and Coast Guard on site presence. The Iraqi oil terminals are part of the area that is protected by the Coast Guard small boats, and together with the Navy the coverage is comprehensive.




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