Women Join Iraqi Police Kurdish Brigade

Northern Iraqi Provinces Accept Women Candidates There are a lot of differences between different regions of Iraq. Women’s rights are not exactly what you think of when you think of Iraq, but there are regions where the rights of a woman to participate in society is more pronounced than others. In the northern part of Iraq, the residents of Kurdish areas feel that women should be able to help out in different areas, including security for the region. Women have been inducted and trained for the Iraqi Police in Kurdish areas. They serve in the Kurdish brigade of the Iraqi police. The rights of women have gotten a lot better since the fall of Saddam, but for women to work alongside men in the police is not something that has been done before. Changing the view of women and their role is not something that comes easy to an Islamic nation, much less the nation of Iraq. “We are working hard to change and be progressive and improve the rights of women in Iraq,” said Irbil Minister of the Interior Karim Sinjari. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. According to Mr. Sinjari, changing the view of women is a very important step in Iraq and its future development. Lieutenant Narseed is one of the first female officers in Iraq. She will work with Kurdish Iraq brigades to help recruit and train new members, including female police members.




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