Top Five Highest Paying Jobs After Serving in the United States Military

When comparing the pay scale in the American job market people often think that civilian jobs are better than a career in the military. Those people would be wrong. Since figuring military pay can be complicated, here are some of the top paying jobs in the military, which proves that a job in the military can lead to a stable financial career.

Military Physicians and Surgeons

Average Military Pay: Over $185,000
When it comes to the paycheck, it seems that doctors really do have all the fun. Military physicians and surgeons are the chief providers of medical services to military personnel. A doctor or physician’s job in the military is to examine and diagnose military personnel or their dependents and provide them with medical treatment. Regardless of the field of medical specialization, military physicians and surgeons are at the top of the list when it comes to military pay, this also includes rehabilitation physicians, immunologists and allergists.

Military Engineers

Average Military Pay: $100,000
Making sure equipment is up and running is an important job in the military. Equipment such as missile guidance systems, radar and electronic systems, along with other equipment are crucial components in the military which is why making sure military engineers make a lot of money in the US. Engineers across multiple fields are also responsible for the building of structures, both within the US and in foreign countries. In the military, engineers also operate as environmental and safety officers to make sure that all military personnel work in a clean and safe environment.

Aerospace Engineers

Average Military Pay: $99,000

Private companies may be manufacturing the jets and other airplanes and vehicles that are used by the military, but it is up to aerospace engineers to make sure that the equipment that’s delivered remains in working order. Aerospace engineers also direct the design and development of military aircraft and the ammunition that they use.

Human Resources Managers

Average Military Pay: $98,000
Working with people is a tough business, even in the military. Human resources managers work in the management and development of military personnel, apart from filling vacant military jobs by recruiting qualified people. It is up to the HR manager to collect and store information regarding all military personnel and those who are eligible for various posts in the military. Other duties of human resources managers in the military includes, training and development, job assignment, promotions and information regarding the health of all military personnel.

Accounts Managers

Average Military Pay: $97,000
The United States military spends billions of dollars on the development and training of personnel, supplies, vehicles and weapons. All this is only possible through the careful management of military funds. This is where the accounting and finance managers get to shine. The duties of an accounts manager in the military is to take care of all financial affairs and advise commanders on accounting matters.

So, there you have it. These were just a few of the many military professions where you can make a decent living while serving your country.




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Dear Sir, Madam

I have experience of more than ten years working with national and inter national organization’s in Afghanistan in Admin, Supply and logistic area, also I am very good in English, Dari and Pashtu. I have worked with ESCo international, Ministry of Urban Development and private sector. Currently I am seeking a proper job with usmilitary in Afghanistan.

Thanks in advance,
Ghulam Aishan.

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