Marine Corps Educational Benefits

There are a lot of different kinds of educational support that you can apply for when you enlist in the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has a number of programs available for active duty soldiers, in addition you can choose to participate in the Montgomery GI bill which will provide funding for you to pursue an education after you are done with the Marines. Either way there is available funding for going to school and furthering your education that you can access by participating in the Marine Corps as an enlisted person. Many of these educational funding options are also available in some form if you choose the Marine Corp Reserves. The reserves gives a person an opportunity to serve, and begin college more swiftly than serving a full active duty enlistment. With the state of the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq, serving in the Reserves often mean that a person will see active duty almost immediately, but they will not be tasked to serve for a 4 or 6 year active duty enlistment like they would be if they went on active duty. There are several different educational opportunities available: Tuition Assistance- This is a program that is available for all five branches of the military in some form, it pays for 100 percent of the cost of tuition for personnel that are serving on active duty. In some cases it will pay for certain other fees but for the most part it is strictly reserved for tuition. It does pay for 100 percent of tuition charges associated with classes or instruction received by active duty personnel. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Critical Jobs-There are jobs in the Military that are in critical demand, and there are sometimes benefits or bonuses that are available to Servicemembers that select these critical jobs. Currently the enlistment bonuses for most Marine Corps Critical jobs is capped at $10, 000 dollars, but in some rare cases it may be possible to realize up to $20,000 dollars in a critical job enlistment bonus. This can be used for educational purposes and may be one good way to start your collect fund. Montgomery GI Bill- By contributing a certain amount during your first year of enlistment you can qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill. The money you contribute is set aside and then given back along with a larger amount, for up to 36 months of educational benefits. Top Up and “Kickers”- In some cases you can increase the amount of funding that is available by contributing funds at a higher rate during the first year.




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