“When There is Moral Rot Within a Nation, its Government Topples Easily.”

Let me begin by saying this title is not my own. It’s a Biblical verse found in the book of Proverbs. Although written by Solomon more than 2000 years ago, this principle has remained true throughout time.

But first, it’s not to corner you into a Sunday school lesson, but it’s imperative that you understand the purpose of the above scripture. Proverbs says knowledge is good, but a vast difference stands between knowledge and wisdom. Meaning there are massive amounts of smart people out there but the application of such knowledge for the greater good of mankind is wisdom.

I dare say, there are some political leaders who lack both knowledge and wisdom. However, they’re often third world country dictators and easily toppled.

The most deadly could easily be smart dictators but who lack wisdom. These politicians have little regard for what is wise, not known for sound character nor truth. But the far greatest sin may be that they do not look out for the greater good all the people and the country as a whole. Their goals are simple once you peel back the onion and set aside personal prejudices. Getting reelected or remaining in power. No matter the cost. No matter the lies. No matter how many babies they have to kiss.

There’s one more sign that warns a government is about to topple not mentioned above. However, I’m confident that if Solomon were hanging around today, he would offer me a ‘like.’ It is this, the final and most visible sign that a government is about to topple is when the people don’t care and freely elect corrupt politicians. The Kool-Aid has been handed out and most are takers.

One famed movie star proudly said, “I voted for this candidate for one reason and one reason only, he’s (race).” I get it. My grandfather voted strictly based on party lines without regard to policy too. But can you imagine if every American voted with that same principle with total disregard what’s best for all the people, without any consideration for a candidate moral or character?

At what point do our children and our children’s children become important enough to look at a candidate’s policies and values?

Have we already forgotten that Roman civilization finally toppled under the weight of immoral and corrupt government?

Sadly, another topple sign is our biased journalism. Are we getting to the point of being like North Korea where truth is hidden in a closet? Is America truly trending in the direction of broadcasting only partial truths that reflect their views? I believe it is. Tune into one media outlet, and you’ll believe one presidential candidate is the next pope. Then tune into another, and you’ll discover this same candidate is scandalous. No wonder our nation is so divisive.

Let’s be totally honest. We now vote only for what’s in our best self-interest and not what’s in the best interest of their nation. With this self-absorbed culture, our national pride and heritage will begin to wander. Americans will soon tend to disregard the importance of the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance. What was once sacred will slowly become coined as ‘intolerance.’

One final stab in America’s back, we have almost no interest in holding our politicians accountable for controlling our debt. We forget about how the French Revolution occurred as a result of a bankrupt government. We ignore the uprisings from a bankrupted Turkey. We as Americans, remain entrenched with it’s all about me attitude. Politicians don’t care because they get reelected and who cares about the problems of the future. But like all sin, momentary pleasure and leads to a lifetime of regret.

The real back breaker in all of this is that the American people no longer care.

The one lie that almost every politician makes, “the American people are too smart and will …”. Sorry, this is not true. Politicians are trying to kiss up. The sad truth is that we Americans no longer hold our nation leader’s to high character standards. Living a life dictated by truth, high morals, a past life showing the ability to love all people without prejudice is no longer important to us.

There are other detonating factors igniting our rapid descent, but I’ll likely get audited in the coming months. With that, enjoy this day!




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