Army Construction Materials Specialist May Be A Dirty Career

One of the most under advertised job skills in the modern United States Army is the Construction Materials and Heavy Construction operator. As an Army Heavy Construction and Materials enlisted specialist you will be required to use graders, tractors, bulldozers, cranes, and other different pieces of huge pieces of equipment to do specific tasks. You will work to operate large construction equipment on various Army Sites.

Your Training May Get Dirty!

You will be instructed and taught how to properly move earth, and to shift tons of material including gravel, earth and other aggregate type material. You will receive detailed instruction in how to do this in a swift and efficient way as a United States Constructions Army Materials operator. As an Army Materials specialist you will use different types of heavy equipment with attachments such as leveling equipment, bulldozer attachments, and motorized graders as well as self propelled or towed other attachments.

You will train using different types of heavy equipment operator in the Army Constructions Materials and Heavy Equipment MOS. You will anywhere from four to twelve weeks of individual advance training after Basic Combat Training. You will first attend 9 weeks of basic training, and then it’s off to formal Army Construction Materials and Heavy Equipment operator school. You will be trained in the latest techniques using various large and heavy types of construction equipment. You will often be assigned a command and report in right after Army Materials Construction equipment school. You may find that as you work as an Army Construction Materials and Heavy equipment Specialist that you may have an opportunity to travel, as there will be a continued need for an Army Construction Materials equipment operator at various locations around the world. Your job as an Army Construction Materials Specialist may involve; being taught about spreading and cutting fill materials with a scraper and learning how to interpret grade stakes and follow precise directions.

You will be shown how to assist combat engineers with their Army missions, and how to use an excavator to strip, clear, grub, backfill, and push material and earth with a crawler or a bulldozer. You will learn how to life and move various material using lifts, hoists, cranes, and other types of Army Construction Material and Heavy equipment and you will be learning about cutting and leveling runways with various heavy equipment.

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As part of your military job you will work to transport heavy equipment with a tractor-trailer rig and learn how to drive road graders, bulldozers, and various other heavy construction equipment.




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interested in heavy equipment operator field

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I am currently a 21J but I am re-classing to be a 21E which is a Heavy equipment Operator so you all got a few and it’s a hard Job for sure

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