Enlisted Watercraft Operator Careers

The United States Army has a number of different missions. Most of its missions are in fact on land, but one of the things that many people do not realize is that the Army also has a number of different missions on the water, and they operate Watercraft as a result and requirement of those missions. The career field of Enlisted Watercraft Operators is one that is varied and involves meeting a number of different people and performing duties that are normally associated with the Navy or Coast Guard. The Army Watercraft and small boat operator is a well trained expert that deals with transportation and operations involving the Army on lakes, Rivers, oceans and other bodies of water in support of the Army mission. The small boat Army Watercraft operator works as a member of a close knit unit to perform operations of equipment in coastal, inland, and harbor operations as a member of a larger Army regiment or battalion, in support of operations that the Army has in a region or area. They are charged with maintaining a high level of operational and unit readiness at all times. Army enlisted watercraft engineer’s work to pilot, navigate and maintain watercraft that work in water operations around the world. The members of the Army Watercraft corps have unique opportunities to work with small and large tugboats, as well as a number of unique specialized watercraft. The skills and techniques used to operate these types of watercraft are very highly technical, and require specialized training and teaching to become proficient in them. Craft such as high-speed hovercraft, jet boats, as well as more pedestrian and normal small boats are all present in the Army Watercraft fleet. Its up to the members of the Army Small Boat and Watercraft corps to use and maintain these types of watercraft toward Army missions assigned. Watercraft enlisted careers are a varied and active specialty, and their responsibilities can involve engine room watch standing while the watercraft is underway, daily systems checks on all instrument and gauge systems, and maintenance and repair of all diesel and gasoline engines. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! To become an Army Small Boat Watercraft Operator or Army small boat crewmember you will begin with Army Basic training. After your 9 week Basic Combat Training you will then attend a 10 week Watercraft and Army Small Boat School, where you will then be taught the skills and different skill sets that you require in this job career. You will learn a variety of marine and small boat operations, as well as the basics of watercraft and water related equipment operations.




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