Educational Navy Advance Vouchers

The United States Navy has worked in the last two decades to make education and training a focus of their operations. As part of this the efforts to give senior Enlisted personnel an opportunity to train and receive college educations the US Navy has created a program called the Senior Enlisted Education Voucher program. It is a program that has been created in some form in each of the five armed services; the Navy has taken a leadership position with their program and implementation of the program. The commitment of the Navy to their senior enlisted personnel has been impressive, and the voucher program gives sailors who have considerable experience and time in service an additional chance to get educational services. The United States Navy is very committed to supporting the sailors who have worked for a number of years in their specialty, and up to now the senior enlisted personnel have sometimes been left high and dry with many of the different educational programs. The Navy Senior Enlisted Education Advance Voucher program seeks to change all that, and to make more educational opportunities available to personnel who seek to get an education. The voucher program was created to assist senior enlisted and it pays for advanced type degrees as well as other military degrees. There are some specific limitations to the program to qualify but for those senior enlisted personnel who do qualify it serves as a boost for their education careers. This is an attractive program for those who are senior enlisted in pay grades E-7 through E-9 who are seeking either an advanced degree such as a Masters or Doctorate or who are in some cases seeking their first bachelor degree. The Navy offers this program to sailors who meet a set of criteria for courses that are considered by the Navy to be “Navy Relevant”. This sounds daunting but can be extended to cover a surprising number of courses. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The ability for a senior enlisted member to gain a degree allows many of the career enlisted personnel to supplement their private portfolio, so that when they are no longer in the Navy they can obtain more attractive work in the civilian private community. It also offers an opportunity to assist senior enlisted Servicemembers who are trying to qualify for a higher rank and who need educational elements to assist in that process.




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