Bangor Soldiers Train Medevac Units

National Guard Troops Take The Lead In Aero Medical Training There are times that knowing what to do medically on the battlefield can literally make the difference between life and death. It has made a large difference to the overall readiness of a number of Iraqi Army units who have received training from the Bangor National Guard unit serving in Iraq. The 126th Aviation, 1st Battalion, Company C, Bangor National Guard Unit has been working out of Tallil Airbase, training MEDEVAC and Iraqi Army medical personnel to help make sure that fallen soldiers and other battlefield casualties are provided for. “This is vital training whether it is in a battle zone or elsewhere,” said 1st Lieutenant Karl Chandler. Lieutenant Chandler is the medical team leader forward support supervisor, for the Company C, 1-126th Aviation Regiment. It does not matter if it is coalition forces or civilian personnel; the training that is being given by the Bangor National Guard is providing necessary services to the region. The Army of Iraq and the local Iraqi Communities are both benefiting from the training being given by the Bangor National Guard. “They are able to get the basics on medical care and also how to prepare for the MEDEVAC units that may fly in,” said Lieutenant Chandler. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Part of the medical preparation training is teaching the Iraqi Army and local medical workers how to prepare an area for MEDVAC helicopters to land in. The area has to be cleared out, and there are also specific methods of litter movements and how to approach a MEDEVAC aircraft.




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