Iraqi Forces Benefit From US Agencies

Army General Hertling Details Assistance From American Sources The Iraqi Security forces have become more and more capable in the recent months, allowing the US and coalition forces to become more responsive to rebuilding efforts. The lessening of coalition security responsibilities has allowed the Coalition to identify different areas that they can assist in rebuilding and construction of Iraqi infrastructure. “We have partners now with the Iraqi Army and National Police, we are not working alone any longer,” said Army Major General Mark P. Hertling. General Hertling is the Commander of MNF – North, and spoke about how the burden for security was not carried alone any longer by just coalition forces. General Hertling also is the commander for the 1st Armored Division of the US Army, and serves in his second tour of Iraq. He was enthusiastic about the changes he has noted in the overall security for the region. “We are now partnered with several divisions of Iraq Army soldiers,” said General Hertling. “We are noting an incredible amount of improvement in overall security response and the forces here,” said Hertling. The General provided an assessment of conditions and made note of all the improvement in the Iraqi forces. In the Mosul region the troops have worked to eradicate Al Qaida and insurgent groups, along with coalition forces the Iraqi Army has done an excellent job. Get your Free career assessment here In areas such as Baqouba, Diyala and Muqdadiyah the MNF forces have worked to chase Al Qaida from the entire area, resulting in an increase in safety and security for the region.




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