Resources Provided For Coalition Win

President Bush Vows To Provide Whatever Needed The surge appears to be working, and as soldiers prepare to withdraw slowly from the region, President Bush has reiterated that he will make sure that the Coalition soldiers have whatever it takes to win. President Bush addressed soldiers during his visit to Fort Bragg, North Carolina on May 22nd. During his visit he toured the base, and spoke to thousands of 82nd Airborne Soldiers newly returned from combat Duty in Iraqi and Afghanistan. President Bush also awarded several military awards during his visit, and talked in depth about the Iraqi situation with commanders and Army leaders. Army General David Petraeus is the MNF forces Iraq commander and he has achieved some heavy duty results, said President Bush. General Petraeus is the former commander of the 82nd Airborne division and a heavily decorated Army leader and general. “General Petraeus is a brilliant and effectively leader of our soldiers in Iraq,” said President Bush. President Bush also commented on the new command, US Central Command, that General Petraeus will soon be moving to. This new post will oversee operations in Iraq as well as throughout the Central region. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! General Petraeus faces a confirmation hearing before the Senate before he is fully named to the post, but is expected not to face heavy resistance. General Petraeus has done well before different government groups in the past, as well as his confirmation hearing previously for his current command.




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