Sadr City Receives Humanitarian Aid

Coalition And Iraqi Soldiers Work In Unison Normally it is the coalition in the past that has mounted various humanitarian aid. But the 11th Iraqi Army division has been one of the units in the Iraqi forces that have stepped up to the plate and mounted their own humanitarian efforts. Supplies provided from the Iraqi Government have been distributed for the first time solely by Iraqi efforts. The Coalition provided security while the supplies were distributed by smiling officers and enlisted men from the 11th Army soldiers. The 42nd Brigade commanded the local school for the day so that they could conduct a humanitarian food aid drop and worked at length to provide medical supplies and medical screening for the Sadr City Residents. This was an important milestone because the citizens were assisted for the first time by a Iraqi led, Iraqi funded and Iraqi provided humanitarian effort. While the coalition was there to provide assistance if needed, for the first time the Iraqi troops had issues well in hand. The Iraqi Army is working hard overall to become competent and to work with the citizens to meet their needs. After having the majority of humanitarian and rebuilding efforts start with the coalition, it is a positive step to have some of the local needs be met by Iraqi Government efforts. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. It has been several months since the Iraqi Army first started going on joint missions, now the Iraqi Army is leading most of the joint patrols and taking the lead in other areas.




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