Military Spouse Health Support Benefits

Many young military families run into a situation where the military wife finds themselves pregnant, often with the couples first child, while the Servicemember father is called to duty. This mobilization or activation on active duty is often overseas, and suddenly the expectant mother to be is left stateside, without the support of her missing active duty spouse. Well now there is a benefit that is being provided by a not for profit group, to support the health and welfare of military pregnant spouses that are left home while their Servicemember husbands are called to duty serving their country. The new program was stared by a New Jersey woman named Patricia Newton. It is called Operation Special Delivery, and it provides support and assistance for pregnant wives of Servicemembers and military personnel who can certainly use the support and assistance. It is designed to make sure that no woman will have to give birth alone while their spouse is serving in the military. Operation Special Delivery is a program that helps provide a specially trained support volunteer to assist the military Servicemember wife during her pregnancy and eventual delivery. The service is available to spouses or partners of anyone who is deployed when their baby comes to term or who is deployed when their partner, girlfriend or wife is scheduled to give birth. The volunteers are called Doulas, and they are a volunteer who has been given training on how to assist pregnant expectant mothers. The doula is not a medical professional, but someone who has received basic support and assistance training to help the pregnant mother to be during the pregnancy and with their eventual delivery. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The founder, Ms. Newton felt that there was a need following September 11th, 2001 for military servicemembers to know that they have the support of the folks back home as they are called to serve their country in the military. She is a trained pregnancy support specialist, and she created the volunteer Doula program to show support for our men and woman who are serving overseas. Ms Newton created a program using the Internet to put out a call for volunteers, and soon she had participants and volunteers from over 20 different states. After initial development she gave the program to the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, who has helped it grow into a huge successful program.




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