Army Infantry Cannon Repair Specialist

The job of United States Army Infantry Cannon Repairer is a technical and challenging position. The Army requires as a member of the infantry and of the field artillery you are in shape, the job requires that a candidate be physically good condition. You have to have normal color vision with no color blindness. The different types of charts, coding and maps are all color coordinated. The US Army requires members of the infantry and especially crewmembers of the Field Artillery to be able to perform intense physical duties in the field.

Members of the US Army Infantry Cannon crew have to be able to lift and move heavy items without rest. The Army demands that candidates for this job be in physical shape and top mental condition, this is a definite plus. Army Job training for a member of the Field Artillery cannon crew or an infantry member starts with basic training, for eleven weeks.

After basic combat training you will attend up to fourteen weeks of advanced individual training. You will spend time in the classroom, as well as in the field, and you will be taught and learn different skills involving the use of battle strategy, operating missile and rocket systems, operating gun systems and handling ammunition, and how to manually and electronically calculate targets.

The Army Field Artillery team is made up of several personnel including the US Army Cannon Artillery Crewmember. Working as an individual on the cannon team and as part of the US Army Infantry and Artillery Cannon crew you will work on different pieces of cannon gear. You will be responsible for working on heavy cannons also called howitzers; this is a type of artillery with a single shot barrel capability. A US Army Cannon Crewmembers has different duties; they have wartime duties but also have peacetime duties and responsibilities.

You will learn how to maintain, establish and relay radio communications, learning how to identify and relate location of enemy targets, finding and using and operating cannon on wheeled trailers. Your duties will involve procuring and using different methods to help supply ammunition, as well as learning and operating self propelled howitzer cannons, and other tank and artillery crewmember duties. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Service as a member of the Field Artillery and as an Artillery Cannon Crewperson can be very stressful; it is a job that carries a lot of tension, but one that can also be very rewarding.




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I will like to join the usarmy

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want to be a usarmy

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Great! Just contact your local Army recruiting office. After ‘qualifying’ via phone then your recruiter will likely want to sit down face-to-face with you. Good luck!

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