Hospital Army Food Service Careers

The job of Army Hospital Food Service is one that is a little different than other typical Army or Military Food service Careers. You have to be more flexible, and able to tailor different choices for the needs of individual and unit patients that require different food meals than a normal food service operation is used to providing. The Army prepares each and every day over a million separate meals, and as a Army Hospital Army Food service worker you will be responsible for preparing a quality nutritious and well balanced meal and ensuring that your efforts are delivered in a timely manner to the patients in the Hospital who need nutrition. Despite being in the Army Hospital Food preparation area, you will still be a member of the Army Food service, and as such a lot of your job will be the same as any other Military Food Service Worker. The Army Food Services team prepares and serves many different kinds of food, from the special needs that mark a great deal of Army Hospital food needs to the standard large scale food preparation duties. As an Army Food Service Operations worker you will work to order, inspect, prepare and cook different meals by direction to provide for the needs of a hungry Army force of soldiers. You will work to use specific storage and preparation methods, to learn how to prepare and fix different types of foods, and special and routine methods of cooking and preparation. You will regularly receive food and food subsistence items, as well as learning about different safety methods and procedures needed to insure food safety and to keep the food supply secure. When you are working as a Food Services Specialist in the Army you will receive regular deliveries of bulk groceries, meats, fresh vegetables and other food stuffs, and learn how to properly care and store each different type of food. You will be instructed on food safety and how to deal with illness prevention and keeping the food service area clean. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will learn how to fix meals on a small scale, or how to fix meals where you feed several hundred or in some cases over a thousand meals at a time. You will maintain and operate different kitchen equipment, and learn how to prepare and fix meals both in an Army Facility and in the field. You will learn prep work as well as learning how to work in a food service line.




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