X-Ray Radiology Apprentice Careers

The Army job specialty of X Ray and Radiology Apprentice is a challenging and rewarding career. It is a position that takes advanced training and instruction to allow a person to help and assist patients. It is a job specialty that is in the health care field, you will have an opportunity to work with patients, other medical professionals and with a wide variety of medical personnel. You will help and assist medical professionals in finding and detecting tears, breaks, tissue and bone damage as well as detection of a number of different illnesses. You will be a member of the health care team of the Army and you will use fixed radiological equipment as well as supervising and overseeing a number of different X ray and Radiological activities in your job specialty. The duties that you have in the X Ray and Radiology field will include transporting patients and escorting them to and from Radiologic areas, preparing and assembling materials, X Ray equipment, instruments and other equipment. You will work to read, prepare and interpret the different readings that are gathered by X Ray and other Radiologic examination. You will take orders from physicians and other requests for radiographic exams, and you will work with patients to administer X Ray and Radiological exams, with medical equipment. You will utilize state of the art equipment to examine and record the condition of patients, and then report your findings to medical professionals, physicians and surgeons who have requested the results of these exams. You will perform exams using these equipments on upper and lower extremities, the vertebral column, the skull and cranium, trunk and other body areas. As a equipment and X Ray operator you will work to develop radiographic film, or use modern digital equipment to provide these exams. You will use mechanical, electric and radiation protective measures to make sure that only areas needing examination can be looked at. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will start training with the same as any Army Enlisted personnel, with Basic Combat Training for 9 weeks. After Basic training you will progress to advanced individual training as a X Ray Career Radiology Army Specialist. The training is quite long nearly a year long, at 46 weeks of training. But you will receive a class A number one education that will allow you to pursue a civilian X Ray Technology job should you ever leave the Army.




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