Marine Corps Helps Karma Iraqi Police

Forty Iraqi Detainees Released After Careful Screening The local police in Karma Iraq have worked to participate in the release and impending dismissal from captivity of a number of detainees. These men have been carefully cleared and screened, both my the Iraqi government and by the Coalition they are not seen as a security risk any longer, and each of the men have renounced terror, and sworn an oath of loyalty to the Iraqi government. Furthermore, they have pledged to cooperate with coalition and Iraqi security forces, and to work to provide for their families and obey the law. Forty Iraqi men that were previously detainees were released on May 18th by the Marine Corps Soldiers of Regimental Combat Team 1, 3rd Marine Regiment, 2nd Battalion. The Marines worked with the local Iraqi government and the Iraqi Police to ensure that the forty men released were serious about obeying the law and not acting in any way negatively toward the authorities in the region. Rehabilitation and eventual release of more detainees is seen as a very important step in the region healing and eventually returning to normal. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! “This is a very significant thing in that this release serves to show that the locals are in control and that the area is secure, and that it is safe to release small numbers of men at a time who have demonstrated their intention to go straight and obey the law,” said Coalition Captain James Gallagher, staff Judge Advocated, 3rd Marine Regiment, 2nd Battalion.




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