Air Force Network Node Specialist

Computers are used in the military in many different environments and working in the Air Force Network System Switching specialty will give you the ability to grow and learn, as well as giving you training and experience working with many types of computers and different computer systems. Working in the Air Force As a Network Node Specialist will entail you working on various communications network switches and equipment. You will repair, operate and maintain the various Networks and communications nodes that exist in the Air Force military network, and work to train in using the latest state of the art equipment and electronic and computer devices. As an Air Force Network specialist you will be assigned to use various electronic equipment to test and diagnose different problems with computer systems, switching equipment, and testing computerized gear. You will train with equipment, network and switching gear as an Air Force network repair person, and learn the ins and outs of using the latest in Air Force Computer gear. You will repair specific Air Force computer equipment and how to access and utilize different types of diagnostic equipment that is made and been designed for Air Force network and nodal system repair. You will attend 9 weeks of Air Force basic training instruction, where you will learn the history, tradition and procedures involved in being an enlisted Air Force specialist. After boot camp you will advance to individual advanced training school, where you will attend 17 weeks of hands on and classroom training in advanced computer networking classes. You will work to learn how to replace and repair computer networks in classroom and simulated field situations, to identify, diagnose and repair computer elements. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! One of the main missions of the Air Force in the new millennium has become the enforcement and defense of Cyberspace as well as Air and Space. This responsibility has increased the amount of computer systems and networks in place around the world, as the Air Force works to establish and maintain vital systems and computer networks both for the security and protection of the United States, as well as individual freedom on the Internet. The Air Force currently has a complex and intricate computer system of extensive nodes that are in place around the globe, and the role and importance of an Air Force Network Node Specialist cannot be understated.




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