Biomedical Equipment Enlisted Specialist

The United States Air Force provides some of the best medical care in the industrialized world to its Airmen, officers and personnel. One of the enlisted job specialities that are involved in the Air Force Health Care field is the Air Force Biomedical Equipment Enlisted Specialist. The Biomedical Equipment specialist is the person that works with and maintains the varied medical equipment in use in clinics, base hospitals, as well as other types of Air Force medical facilities. You will work to maintain, test, and operate some of the most advanced equipment in the world, and operate support facility equipment, advanced medical equipment and in some cases even communications field gear. The ongoing need for Biomedical Equipment Enlisted Specialists is high, there is a high demand for trained enlisted personnel to maintain and operate a variety of medical and technological equipment. As the Air Force Biomedical Equipment apprentice, you will be the person that works at a duty station to maintain and repair any equipment that is brought in for service, and also you will work to go out into the facilities that you maintain to perform routine checks and maintenance on various types of medical equipment. You will be directly responsible for the equipment under your supervision, to make sure that it all is in top running condition, and that you have inspected and tested this equipment for proper operation. You will attend training to learn how to operate state of the art medical equipment and repair electronic gear that is used to diagnose, monitor and effect quality care to Air Force medical patients. After graduation from technical school you will likely be assigned to a larger base to work on equipment with other more senior personnel. Your training will continue as you work in the field at a larger medical facility under direct Air Force Senior enlisted supervision, and learn all the tricks and tips of your job specialty. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will have the opportunity to work among medical professionals on a regular basis, and will be seen as a technical specialist and professional. You will be part of the extended treatment team because of your importance to keeping the medical equipment in proper operating shape. The success or failure of the overall Air Force Medical team at a particular facility partly rests with the performance and discipline of the Biomedical Equipment Enlisted Specialists who are involved in systems and equipment maintenance.




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