Army ROTC Education Options

The United States Army ROTC program is an excellent way to receive training and to get funding for your education. It is a method of a person to receive a college education and also to earn a commission in the Army as a 2nd lieutenant. It is a program that is lucrative in many ways and gives a lot of flexibility to a person who wants to attend the school of their choice and receive ROTC support and funding. Reserve Officer Training is featured at a number of colleges and universities around the United States, and Army ROTC training gives training and provides scholarship funds for young people who participate in the program. There are different levels of Army ROTC program commitment, if you are not sure if it is something that you want to participate in then you can participate without any commitment. You start the program and attend classes, and learn about the ROTC program, and you can do this for whatever length of time that you wish to. After attending for a period of time, if you want to sign a commitment, or apply for a scholarship with Army ROTC then you can do so. You have to pass a physical exam, and there are other issues that you have to qualify for, but if you do qualify, then you can apply for a scholarship. If you earn a scholarship then you can complete the rest of your education with the United States Army footing the entire bill that includes fees, tuition, and a small stipend monthly for other expenses. Some of the different benefits that are available for a person who earns an Army ROTC scholarship include; training to become a leader and manager, practical experience and military discipline, expenses and tuition funding help, and other training. Serving in ROTC also gives the Army a chance to make sure that candidates are worthy of being commissioned officers in the Army. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. After you finish your college education you will receive your diploma and then attend the Army OCS academy to receive your final training before receiving your commission in the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. If you are not a scholarship student you can participate up until graduation without making a decision about long-term participation in the Army.




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