Basra Region Yields Iraqi Army Recruits

Coalition Troops Aid Recruitment Efforts Soldiers serving with the 1st Iraqi Army are working to assume the security in Basra, and as they work to take the eventual control of the region over they are working to recruit new soldiers. The coalition is aiding the Iraqi Army to interview and select quality recruits, as new members are needed for the different security operations that the Iraqi Army is taking over. The Operation Charge of The Knights that has been mounted by the Iraqi Security forces has been very successful in finding and eliminating the criminal elements in the Basra region. As the rule of law is established again in Iraq, the need for trained, professional members of the Iraqi Security forces has become an important issue. The efforts and the recent security operation have also helps instill an increased sense of community among the citizens and a support for the Iraqi Government at large. This support has made recruitment easier when more men seek to find positions and jobs with the Iraqi Security forces. At a recent Hayyaniyah region Iraqi Army recruitment drive nearly 3,000 men came and filled out applications for positions. Unfortunately only 1,000 positions were open and so many of the men were disappointed, but they got a taste of what is necessary to apply. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! As the soldiers are trained and recruited successfully for the Iraqi Army, more and more of the coalition efforts are aimed at rebuilding and seeking out ways to help construct different projects in Iraq. This is in preparation to an eventual force drawdown as the surge personnel in the region are slowly withdrawn and control for security given over to Iraqi Soldiers.




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