Shula Residents Receive Humanitarian Aid

Joint Coalition And Iraqi Forces Distribute Supplies To Villagers The Iraqi Army took the lead recently in a humanitarian Aid Effort, delivering materials, supplies, school supplies and food in the Shula region. The material was donated and supplied by Coalition forces, receiving goods from the American People, but it was a joint distribution effort by Iraqi and Coalition soldiers with the Iraqi Soldiers setting it up and taking the lead. Soldiers from the 6th Iraqi Army distributed Humanitarian aid such as tomato paste, lentils, and rice to nearly 100 resident and village families. By the end of the three-day period there were nearly 300 different families that received aid from the joint patrol that started on May 24th. Shula residents have been prevented from buying and shopping for necessary items because of criminal activity in the region. Captain Joseph Sincere is a support officer with the 101st Airborne, 2nd BCT, 75th Calvary Regiment, 1st Squadron. He has worked to liaison with the Iraqi Army to help provide the material and supplies for the different humanitarian efforts, including this 3-day distribution effort. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The locations and drop points used by the Iraqi Army clearance missions where soldiers gave out the food are some of the same areas that were recently cleared by Iraqi patrols. These areas were formerly thick with insurgents, and now are safer due to the Iraqi patrols.




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