Flight Crews Support Stealthy Infantry Ops

Under Cover Of Darkness Coalition Troops Move Into Camp Taji Area There are many different methods that the Coalition has been using to accomplish the improvement of overall security. But none as effective as the insertion of Soldiers at night using stealthy Air Cover and helicopter insertion. Soldiers are nowhere to be seen and suddenly they are everywhere. The soldiers suddenly appear and the only thing is the deafening roar of helicopter blades that are invisible in the night. Leading a convoy in the dark at night is a tricky job, but this type of sudden insertion is one of the methods that the Coalition has kept ahead of the insurgent forces and the forces of Al Qaeda that seek to wreak havoc and cause damage to the fabric of Iraqi life. “The more you prepare for air assault missions the better the actual air assault missions go when the time comes,” said Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Peters. CWO2 Peters is the pilot and instructor for Task Force Storm; company C. “If something goes wrong on the missions we fly we try and be ready for it when it happens,” said Peters. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The infantry soldiers are inserted into key positions under the cover of night by UH-60 Black Hawk flight crews, and the crew on the helicopter consists of two pilots, a door gunner for firepower support and the helicopter crew chief. The insertions go smoothly, and it creates a spirit of fear among the insurgents who are not able to prepare for it.




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