Iraqi Police Gain Yarimjah Village Respect

Coalition Trained National Police Work To Maintain Security The residents of a village near Mosul have gained a healthy appreciation of the ability and response of their Iraqi Security Force that provides security for their village. The villagers of Yarimjah did not know what to expect, they had heard rumors from television and their neighbors, going both positive and negative about the Iraqi Security Forces. The villagers were completely surprised when the 6th National Police Brigade, 2nd Battalion of the Iraqi National Police moved into their new station in Yarimjah with complete professionalism and courtesy. The people were thinking that there would be conflicts, or that the police would lord it over the villagers, but a complete opposite effect has taken place. “The important thing for us is to grow and learn the village, and to earn the respect and trust of our fellow citizens,” said Colonel Fasial Majed Muhsen, the Iraqi National Police Commander of the Yarimjah unit. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The villagers were impressed. “They treat us like brothers, and it is the best thing (the national police) that has happened to the area in a long time,” said one resident, Abd Al Muhsin Moustafa. Overall the police have earned the trust, but the situation takes time. The Iraqi police unit has all been trained professionally in security and police methods by the coalition, so the positive effects gained by the surge and by the presence and teaching of Coalition forces continues to be felt in the region.




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