Clothing And Laundry Enlisted Specialist

Serving in the Army as a clothing, laundry and textile enlisted specialist is a bit of an off the wall job but one that is very important to the operation of the Army at large. You will learn how to handle a variety of laundry and clothing related tasks, and learn how to deal with clothing, laundry, textiles and other types of materials. You will learn how to assist and provide an example, and help to train soldiers in your job specialty that is more junior than yourself. Part of your responsibilities and duties will include different delousing proceedures, learning how to assist with in the decontamination of troops in the field, working to supervise various types of maintenance in shower facilities and laundries, coordination of personnel and organizing passage through shower facilities during delousing and decontamination from various causes, how to use decontamination and laundry equipment, and learning to set up shower facilities and mobile laundry locations in the field. Some people believe that working or acting as a decontamination specialist or as a Laundry and Textile clothing repair is a silly, or demeaning job. But in truth it is the specialty that will help restore troops and clean personnel should a biological or chemical attack occur. They have been given different types of special training that helps tells them how to specifically to assist soldiers that have been contaminated with foreign materials, and how to decontaminate and clean soldiers off from chemicals or other agents. After 9 weeks of Basic Combat training you will be prepared and read for advanced school. You will attend advanced individual training for 6 weeks where you will learn how to be a laundry textile specialist and enlisted clothing repair worker, and how to perform skills and the duties and necessary. Part of your training will be in the field, learning on the job and part in the classroom. As you progress in the Army you will work not only with clothing and laundry repair, but also with laundry materials and different textiles. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! As you learn and progress in the Laundry and Clothing textile repair field you will be responsible for personnel decontamination functions. You will also perform shower, textile, laundry, and clothing duties. You will work decontaminate various facilities, materials and personnel and to do laundry as required by the Army. You will work in various areas as the person that organizes and runs emergency physical decontamination centers and sees that the safety of the crewmembers are insured when suffering from NBC type weapons attack.




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