Military Academy Education Opportunities

Becoming an Officer in the United States Military is an option that is available by a number of different methods, but one of the best-known methods is by attending one of the four service academies. The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard and Navy all have their own Service Academy, the Marine Corps uses officers garnered from the Navy Academy. It is a great way to serve your country as well as a way of getting one of the best four-year college degrees possible. It is one method of getting a four-year college degree for free, and serving your country at the same time. Each of the Service Academy provide an education and specific training to train people to become leaders and Officers in their respective services. As they go through their four years of training they receive a number of different service related experiences and training to equip them to become officers and leaders for their service. In their four-year journey, their mettle, character as well as their sense of discipline and fair play are challenged. Each of the four service Academies train young people to go forth and act as leaders in service to their country. The opportunities that are afforded in the way of an advanced college education, as well as training are second to none. The candidates for each of the Service Academies have an in depth application and grueling process to become a candidate for service. After they complete the process they can be appointed by members of Congress and if so then are granted entrance to their respective service academy. Once a person is appointed they have a pretty lucrative deal, their education is 100 percent free and paid for, as well as full medical and dental care which is also paid for. The variety of different training opportunities and on the job training that a student receives at the Service Academy cannot be easily equaled anywhere in the world. The education and training received at the United States Service Academy programs are some of the best opportunities for a person to get a military career as well as a high quality college education. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. A graduate of a U.S. Military Service Academy receives a Bachelor of Science Degree and a commission in their respective service. They begin an immediate role as a junior commissioned officer and are signed up for a five-year service commitment.




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