Optical Eye Enlisted Laboratory Careers

The United States Navy has some of the best-trained medical professionals in the world, and serving, as an Optometrist assistant is one of the different enlisted career fields available. As a trained and certified Optometrist assistant you will work with all different types of people, Navy personnel and their dependants, as well other military personnel at times. You will work to help Sailors, Navy and Marine Corps personnel, and other soldiers, as well as officers of Commissioned ranks from the Navy and other services. Each of these groups have Servicemembers who are required to have sharp vision, and their vision is vital to their job and livelihood. If you enjoy dealing with people then working in the Navy optical department may be the ideal choice for you. You will work as a trained Navy optical specialist in a variety of different procedures, all dealing with helping provide eye care and quality care for military personnel. Navy sailors and other military personnel require eye exams, contact lenses and sunglasses and a trained Optical lab specialist in the Navy works to assist on these and other optical support issues. You will work as part of the Navy optical services team, and as an essential member of the group that works to provide efficient service to Navy personnel around the world. The main duty of a Navy Enlisted Optical Lab specialist is to assist Navy personnel in obtaining assistance in their eye care needs. Navy personnel require glasses, eye exams and eye care services just as members of the civilian public do, and the Navy enlisted Optical specialist works to help eye doctors in giving the best possible eye care services. You will be personally responsible for taking different parts of eyeglasses and assembling them into eyewear and usable eyeglasses. You will take pre surfaced vision lenses and other pieces and assemble them into eyeglasses under the direction of certified optical medical professionals. Some of the different duties that you may be involved include assembling parts of eyeglasses into prescription eyeglasses, repairing and making eyeglasses, fitting eyeglasses for individual military personnel, and being eventually responsible for supervising other personnel in eyeglass manufacture. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will go to Basic combat training for 9 weeks, and then you will attend individual advanced training for 24 weeks. You will learn basic eye and optical lab procedures and advanced optical theory, as well as basic procedures in eyeglass manufacture.




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