Wounded Veteran Support Benefits

There is a system of programs that the Federal Government supports that are designed to help and assist veterans that have been wounded in action or injured while serving in the military. It is called the Combat Veterans Compensation Benefit program, and it features a number of elements that are supportive of veterans and their situations where they have incurred injuries while serving on Active Duty. It is specifically designed to help compensate our heroes returning from duty that have given faithful service but who have encountered wounds during their service. The compensation under the program is two fold, both treatment and medical care for their wounds, and financial compensation allowing the Veteran to receive additional funds to help compensate for their service. The Combat Veterans Wounded Compensation support program gives the veteran the opportunity to collect full military retirement pay, while still claiming full Veterans benefits. It used to be that this was not possible, that a veteran had to choose from one or the other type of benefits. In 2004 Congress realized that this was not giving our brave veterans enough financial support to accomplish their rehabilitation and quality of life goals. So they changed the law and provided the Combat Veterans Compensation program allowing wounded vets the ability to collect both types of benefits. It eliminates the need for veterans to choose between one and the other, which was what was necessary before. Veterans who have been disabled or experienced serious injury as a result of: serving in a combat area on active duty and being injured, being involved in a unit in physical war or simulated war battlefield conditions, being a member of a military unit in combat or armed conflict situations, or other active duty battlefield fire fight engagements. This is a new program for the Armed Forces, and it is one that gives an additional avenue of financial support for Servicemembers who have served with distinction and honor. If the injured Servicemember reaches the age of retirement then they instantly become eligible for the program and are able to utilize full retirement benefits as well as their disability benefits. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. To be eligible for this program you have to be at least 60 percent disabled, receiving veterans compensation of some type and have been disabled because of a combat related injury or service related injury.




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Apparently this rule doesn’t apply to reservists. My husband with 34 years of service, including 2 year long combat deployments was just removed from the WTU program after 15 mos in it and had the army cancel his in progress Meb/PEB while we were waiting on the ratings! He had 10 days notice that he was being forced to take regular retirement, lose his income, and insurance.this happened after the diagnosis of the mystery lung disease of the Gulf war which had no treatment! He has severe PTSD, and multiple other conditions which he was in therapy/ treatment for when everything was cancelled! His therapy was suspended.He was told that if he wanted to file for disability, he could just start all over at VA! Unacceptable treatment of a devoted soldier! The WTU “care” was totally incompetent, and he was treated with disrespect! The military used his turning 60 3 months before to retire him. This is just wrong! I am seeking a good military attorney to contest this !

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