Air Force Distance Education Program

The United States Air Force has a supportive educational program, that is available for distance learning. The Air Force has its own community College, the Community College of the Air Force, which offers 2 year associates degrees, as well as a number of certificated programs that allow personnel to study at a distance, from serving in the Active Duty at their duty stations around the world. The Air Force has joined the other services in recognizing that the more education that a soldier or Airman has the better they are able to perform their duty and the more valuable they are to the Air Force and the military at large. Receiving a distance learning education is a fairly new opportunity, with the advent of computers, e-mail and electronic delivery it has revolutionized the education industry. One of the programs that the Air Force uses is Tuition Assistance, it is a program that pays for 100 percent of tuition and selected fees for all Air Force Personnel that serve on active duty service and that are pursuing a education. TA tuition assistance is found in one form or another in all of the five services, the Air Force actively encourages their personnel to make use of the program to pay for educational classes that they take on active duty. “Anywhere at anytime,” is the motto of Air Force Education. There are over 145 different educational programs or certificates in total that the Air Force supports according to the Air Force program material. Eligibility for the Air Force distance-learning program is fairly open, you have to find a accredited school, university or college, and file the paperwork. The amount of classes that you can take while on active duty is limited, but its hard to attend school full time and work full time at the same time. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Air Force Distance learning courses are supported for online and Internet course delivery, and as long as you can access Internet service and have time while off duty to access the material and study, then distance learning through programs in the Air Force can be very lucrative. Most of the programs that the Air Force sponsor have to be service related in some way, but it is can be rewarding and give a Servicemember a method to get an early start on their education.




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