Deployed Education Marine Corps Program

The Marine Corps maintains a number of different programs that are designed to assist its Servicemembers who are deployed to get an education. One of these programs is called the Marine Corps Educational Deployed Servicemember program. It is for active duty personnel that are deployed around the world, either ashore, afloat or literally anywhere that the Marine Corps serves on active duty. It is a specific program that has been created to assist those members of the Marine Corps that because of their duty assignment are located away from traditional types of educational institutions. The instruction is for college level education, and is an effective method of providing educational opportunities for Active Duty Marines. There are two institutions that are participating with the Marine Corps in this educational endeavor. They are Park University and Central Texas College, and they work to support the Marine Corps Deployed Education program, providing educational materials and administration for the program. The actual instruction is provided by Marine Corps Senior enlisted Servicemembers, who are hired by the two universities to be unit instructors. The Senior Enlisted Servicemembers are retained in a separate arrangement with the universities, and the Commanders of the different Marine Corps units work to arrange a time for each of the units to study and have instructional time. The scheduling is flexible, and it is 2nd to the operational duty of each unit, the time that each unit meets for classes depends on the mission, and their operational duties. The Marines that participate in the program are responsible independently for their coursework, and their ability to complete their coursework is entirely their own personal responsibility. Other than their presence in the field, the materials uses and the instruction is the same as any other institution or educational facility. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The ability for Marine Corps Enlisted personnel to use this program while in the field is very flexible, and it provides an avenue for many more personnel to gain and education than would be otherwise. Marine Corps Tuition Assistance can be used to pay for the tuition in these different programs, up to the $4,500 dollar tuition limit yearly. Marine Corps individuals that want to join or enroll in the program and use TA assistance for this program have to apply as the same of other TA Marine Corps programs.




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