Montgomery GI Bill Educational Options

The Montgomery GI Bill is one of the best options for a young person that wants to find a way to fund their education. The entire title is the Montgomery Government GI Bill and it is a benefit program that provides for many different types of training and education. Benefits are available for up to 36 months for educational issues including: -Technical or vocational courses. -Flight training or ground school civilian training. -Various types of correspondence courses. -University or College courses. -Apprenticeship and job training type courses. -Other programs that are accredited that lead up to a certificate or a degree. To be eligible for the MGIB educational program you have to be either enlisted in active duty or in the reserves. Upon separation from active duty, you have a period of ten years to use your MGIB services and benefits. This period can be extended if you are called up for active duty or mobilized for an additional period after your initial separation. The call up has to last more than 90 days and if so then your ten-year period restarts. If you have any of the following issues apply then your MGIB benefits can also be extended: -A service connected disability or one that is caused by your active duty service. -A medical condition that was pre-existing before your military service. -If you were discharged from the service on a reduction in fighting force (RIFF) or hardship. You can qualify for MGIB benefits for as little as two years of active duty service, and the category that you serve in, the type of service you enlist for, the length of time affects the money that you receive eventually from the MGIB benefits. You can also increase the amount you receive by participating in the top up, or pay up program. This is called a “kicker,” and is a voluntary method of increasing your eventual benefits. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Serving in the Armed Services and enlisting is an honor and a privilege. The MGIB program is a great program if you are serious about finding funding for college, and if you want to serve your country as a Servicemember. By participating in the kicker program you can multiply the effective money that you realize from the benefit program.




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