Navy Medical Nursing Careers

The United States Navy trains different medical personnel, and serving in the Navy means that you will have access to state of the art equipment, and training. Choosing to serve as a Navy trained Nurse means you will have a chance to work in a variety of different situations dealing with and helping patients. You will work side by side with doctors and nurses, and other medical Navy Professionals, and work as part of a well oiled medical team. As you work to help patients you will learn and experience a new meaning of the word “Teamwork.” Working in the Navy is a challenging and rewarding career, one where you will have the respect of your co-workers as well as being able to perform as a trained Navy Commissioned Nursing specialist. Serving in the Navy as a Nurse means you will also be a member of the Commissioned Officer Corps, and you will be relied upon to assist in many different types of medical situations. You will work closely with medical doctors, professionals and medical personnel of both Navy and fellow military medical personnel. You may be called upon to provide emergency care in the field, serving on a response team to a combat or battlefield situation, or you may work more established in a hospital or medical facility. You will often have an opportunity to use technology, materials and state of the Art facilities to assist wounded and medically needy personnel, to help their healing and assist in their recovery. You will learn and train with some of the best, and you will become close to many of your patients, learning about the brave Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Soldiers that come into your medical treatment field. The Navy Nursing program is one that has a rich heritage of assisting military personnel as well as defending and serving their country. You will work with physicians, surgeons, therapists, cardiologists and other medical professionals in dealing with health and illness of Navy and military personnel. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. There are generous programs for financial assistance and scholarships, as well as programs with Navy ROTC to obtain training to become a nurse in the Navy. If you qualify, you can receive up to four years of training paid for by the government, in return for service in the Navy for a specific period as a nurse.




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