MNF Assist Economic Renewal In Baghdad

Southern Baghdad Economy Booming Again There have been a number of setbacks in the past in the Baghdad region in economic areas. But recently the progress in South Baghdad have made different leaders and community members sit up and take notice. Most of the issues that have holding back different businesses are gone, and the area is undergoing a fantastic boom. The businesses in the south of Baghdad have undergone a large-scale revitalization. With the addition of safety and security businesses are beginning to reopen, and the overall attitude is one of hope and security. In the past, a lot of different issues in basic services went unmet. Electricity, water and other basic services were not present, and the overall security was poor. Businesses fled when insurgents took over sectors of the Baghdad neighborhoods. Other types of sectarian violence took place, and the areas that were formerly businesses grew into near ghost town sectors. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Now, in 2008 that has all changed. Basic services have been restored, and the mood is definitely upbeat. Much of this has been to the reclaiming of neighborhoods from insurgent forces by Coalition and Iraqi Security forces, but there is much to be said for basic services. Now that electricity and running water have been restored, things have began to progress swiftly toward a normal Iraqi business community that is happy, successful and most of all safe.




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