Veterinarian Visits Owesat Village

Nasiriyah School Given Coalition Vet Clinic There have been a number of different medical clinics and screenings held in Owesat Village, but up until recently the animals and livestock were not being given the same treatment. The Iraqi Security Forces and the Iraqi military Rakkasans got together with veterinarians from Coalition forces and organized their own vet clinic on May 31st. Owesat is a farming community and animal husbandry is one of the main staples of the citizens in the area. The animals are an important part of the life and sustenance for people there. “Owesat is a mostly farming area, and having their animals be healthy is very important to them,” said 1st lieutenant Edward Janis. Lieutenant Janis is the commander of 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company A, and a supporter of the recent Veterinary effort in Owesat Village. The soldiers of Company A worked to help bring Iraqi Veterinary specialist Mohammed Helim and several Coalition Veterinarians to the Owesat village for the clinic. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The local area farmers brought their livestock, animals and other pets to the school courtyard in Owesat to be vaccinated, and to be examined. Over 30 individual goats, sheep and cows were given quality vet care, and examined for mites, disease and given a vaccination. This was the first operation of a veterinary nature in Owesat since the Iraqi Rakkasans arrived to assume security operations in the area.




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