Enlisted Coast Guard Electricians Mate

Serving in the United States as an Electrician’s Mate is a rewarding and challenging job. The EM group serving in the Coast Guard is the rating that is responsible for many different jobs, including repair, maintenance and installation of different types of electronics systems. Many different types of duty are possible for those that serve in the Coast Guard as an electricians mate. You can be assigned to duty on shore, aboard ship, or even serving at a Coast Guard Air Station. Different types of equipment that are maintained by Electricians Mate include: Electric and power generation, gyrocompass, electronic communication and electrician navigation, ship board and cutter controls and propulsions systems, and generators, fractional and integral types of motors and electronics controls. Electricians mate positions are rewarding and challenging jobs. They serve on many different duty assignments, both along the different waterways and coasts of the United States, as well as assignments in support of other military services around the world. The Coast Guard is a sister service and works hand in hand with the other 4 Armed Services in a support and associated role. Active duty enlisted service for Coast Guard enlisted Electricians mates include 42 percent of the personnel are assigned to commands afloat. Electronics and electricians mates are assigned to any Coast Guard vessel that is 110 feet longer, and some of the smaller Coast Guard Vessels as necessary. Duty stations are assigned anywhere that the Coast Guard serves, including Guam, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and other locations nationwide and around the world. The Coast Guard Electrician’s mate serves as the Petty Officer for Engineering aboard many of the Coast Guard commands and vessels in service in the Coast Guard fleet. They are the person when in that position that is responsible for the overall engineering section on board ship or engineering departments on shore based duty stations. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! On shore Electrician Mates are assigned to duty stations at Marine Safety Offices, Aids to Navigation, Coast Guard Group Stations, Coast Guard Air Stations, and Training personnel USCG schools. To become a trained electricians mate in the Coast Guard it is a challenge. You have to be able to retain and learn detailed information, there is a lot of electrical theory that is involved. You will attend boot camp at Cape May New Jersey for 9 weeks, then proceed to advanced training for about 15 weeks at Class A technical school to become an Electricians Mate.




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I am trying to find someone to talk to about recruitment I am Currently an electrican student in washington state at a technical college. Im interested in joining a millitary branch working as an electrican. Please write back with info regarding someone able to assist me. Thank you

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