Navy Enlisted Gunners Mate Jobs

If you are good with working with your hands, and enjoy working with different types of weapons, you may be a success at the Navy Gunners Mate enlisted specialty. It is a vital and responsible job that is necessary for the operation and effective success of the Navy. It is a rating that has a long and proud history in the Navy, and in several of the Navy’s sister services. The position of enlisted Navy Gunners mate is one that requires skill and manual dexterity. You have to be able to deal with and use tools successfully. Navy gunners mates are personnel that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of rifles, handguns, missile and rocket systems, and other types of weapons and ammunition. Gunner’s mates are jack-of-all-trades that deals with all types of weapons and equipment that are weapons and weapons system related. Navy Gunners mates are experts in how to properly use and maintain the weapons that are used in the Navy. Some of the different things that you are responsible for include a variety of weapons systems, and you will work to deal with personnel throughout the Navy. You will work with different equipment and tools, on weapons magazines, weapons, handguns, small arms of all types, gun mounts, large caliber guns and even certain types of guided missiles and weapons. As a gunners mate you will be responsible for all different types of weapons, as well as being required on occasion to fashion or machine new items to perform a specific job task or to fix a weapons system. Some of the different jobs that a Gunners Mate performs include; servicing and maintenance of weapons systems, and different targeting weapons equipment, maintaining sprinkler and safety emergency flooding systems for gun and ammunition storage areas, supplying, requisitioning, securing, stowing, and providing different ordinance, weapons and ammunition to Navy personnel upon direction, and firing and maintaining weapons of all different types. A person who serves as a gunners mate must have normal hearing and depth perception and normal hearing, and the ability to qualify for a SECRET level military security clearance. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. After basic training you will attend Class A school advanced training to become a Gunners mate, and then you will be assigned to a duty station. As a new qualified Gunners mate you will continue to train under older more experienced gunners mate as you continue to learn and grow in the Gunners Mate position.




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military dot image Moore    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am trying to cross rate to GM. Any pointers?

military dot image KImberly    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

i am currently in college but when i join the navy i want to become a gunners mate. what would be a good major to look into for that career?

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hey Kim, I would google terms like ‘Gunsmithing and Firearms (technology) then perhaps law enforcement since they use weapons. You may also think in terms what you would want to do ‘after’ military, i.e. law enforcement. Compare navy jobs to army jobs re gunners mate jobs. My best.

military dot image Jose    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Don’t waste your time, if your going to get a degree, you have better chance if making better money out in town. If you want to join the military, I would go officer. A degree won’t help you out as an enlisted that much. But if you just have the need to join the military, and the navy in this case with a degree, then good on you. The GM rate is great and very wide range if responsibilities. But don’t get too hyped up about it. Too many people come in expecting to be seals, that all depends where you go (stationed) and what NECC you will have (profession, ether Vertical Launching System Technician, 5in. Gun Weapon System Technician, basic tech running the armory, Torpedo NEC, and later on as you go up in ranks, Small arms marksman ship instructor, Crew served weapons instructor.) just saying. From an original Gunners Mate to you. Good luck.

military dot image Virginia Concealed Carry Class    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

It’s good.

military dot image Dewayne Lee Smtih    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I have always admired the navy my dad was a navy seabee and I love to fire guns and work with my hands.

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