Air Force Combat Air Controller Careers

The Air Force Combat Air Controller is a person that is often the first into a combat area. He has to be an expert operator who is able to go into a region or area and help prepare it for aviation aircraft to enter and function with safety. A person who is an Air Force Combat Air controller will often parachute or travel into an area, behind hostile lines to perform his mission. It is a combat role that is open only to men at the current time. It is a combat soldier position, and he receives training in many different skill sets that the typical soldier is not trained in. The Air Force Combat Forward Air Controller is an extremely challenging job specialty, it is a combat first job specialty. The Combat Air Controller will go into a region and work with other personnel to establish an airfield. The Combat Air Controller will often be trained in a variety of different specialties which will allow them to perform their mission. They will be trained on the usage of scuba gear, amphibious techniques, and have training on rappelling, motorcycles, ATV and snowmobiles, all as a method of getting to a forward area to perform their mission. It is a job that by its very nature is extremely dangerous, and it is a position that requires a person to master many types of environments to perform the technical aviation air traffic controller part of his job. The Air Force Combat Air Controller has to be proficient and trained in many different types of training and survival techniques. They work to establish forward assault zones and then they are able to perform their air control traffic duties. One of the assets in the Air Force that is the furthest reaching is the Combat Air Traffic Controller. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Participation in the Air Force Combat Air Controller career is a highly competitive position, and they must be in top physical condition. The faster that an Airman can swim, or run, or the better physical shape that an Airman is in the more likely they will qualify for the training Air Force Forward Air controller program. As a member of Combat Air Traffic Controller specialty, each member is sent periodically to combat survival training schools to keep their skills sharp and finely honed.




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