Navy Personnel Yeoman Careers

Members of the Yeoman rating carry out the career personnel duties in the Navy. The rating of yeoman is the enlisted rating that deals with many of the different personnel and administrative duties in the United States Navy. Dealing with Navy personnel issues can be a varied and interesting endeavor, one that will give a person a lot of practical experience in dealing with Navy issues. The skills and training that a person realizes as a Navy Yeoman are directly transferable to a large number of civilian careers when a person gets out of the Navy. Any organization tracks and manages people, and the United States Navy is no exception. People work and they need assistance in the Navy just as they do in any large organization. The Yeoman rating assists in managing the personnel of the Navy, over 380 thousand sailors and airmen strong. The Navy Yeoman works to keep legal records, organize and manage a wide variety of administrative duties, keeps in depth records, and assists with other management and personnel issues. The Navy has a large amount of equipment, vehicles, vessels and machinery, but with the Navy the first priority is its people. People and the personnel in the Navy are first priority and the members of the Navy personnel department assists in managing and counseling them. If you are a team member and like to work with different people, then this may be a good job for you. Enlisted members of the Navy who choose the Yeoman rating may be involved with; keeping Navy Personnel records, and legal documents, administration and other correspondence, and various operations involved with personnel issues. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! People with good people skills, and those that enjoy dealing with details will do well as a Navy Yeoman. Navy Yeomen deal with both routine and unclassified documents, and sometimes with sensitive and confidential paperwork. You will deal with logbooks, logs, reports and other types of written documents, and the personnel and administrative responsibilities will give you valuable training that you may later use elsewhere. You will develop an expert familiarity with different types of Navy written and official documentation and you will serve as an advisor to many enlisted personnel in their job areas. You will be the vital link in many Navy units; especially smaller Navy commands to make sure that everything runs smoothly.




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I was a recruit in 99, and I was needing to get my records or a copy of my diploma I can start a new job. The Arkansas school board said they can not find mine due to something about the switch to computer from paper. Please let me know if you can help with my request.

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