Marines & Navy Education Relief Benefits

Enlisting in the Navy or the Marine Corps is a wise choice for many young people that want to serve their country, but there are a number of educational benefits that are also available. These are benefits that are available in several different forms. These forms include loans, grants, scholarships and tuition assistance that are available from your specific military organization. The Marine Corps-Navy Society Educational programs are specifically created to give support and assistance to Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their dependants and family in education pursuits. In looking for help and assistance from the Marine Corps and Navy Relief Society it is important to remember that the relief they give is based on the financial need of the family or Servicemember applying for aid. It also is dependant on what specific types of aid are available at the time assistance and support is being sought. Several types of programs are in existence from the Marine Corps and Navy Relief Society. It is a definite wise idea and to the Servicemember’s advantage to investigate and find out the different types of aid that are available and the funding that is open to individual Navy and Marine Corps Servicemembers. For the Educational Support Society assistance, the candidate must have at least a C grade point average and maintain that level throughout the support process. This is a 2.0 grade point average on a 4-point grade scale. Personnel that are seeking funding for educational purposes can find help from a number of Marine and Navy educational programs. To qualify for assistance from these programs you have to be participating or applying to participate in programs that are approved by both the Department of Defense and the Department of Education, and their specific Military Armed Service. If in doubt, you should consult or talk to your command to see if your school is on their approved list. Scholarship aid and financial support are available, as well as support from programs such as: GI Bill And Tuition Assistance Bridge Loans- These are specific loans from the Marine Corps and Navy Relief Society that will cover part of the cost of educational courses of study. These are specific programs designed to help Servicemembers get started in school while waiting for their educational funding to come through. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Overseas Tuition Spouse Aid- This is a specific program for spouses of Servicemembers to help provide for spouses that are starting educational programs while they are living overseas.




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