42nd Field Artillery Maintains Combat Role

Central Baghdad Detachment Deployment There have been many different activities that the coalition forces have worked on during their stay in Iraq. They have worked to establish security, defend citizens, and maintain many different efforts at construction and rebuilding. Most of their efforts in recent months have been directed toward rebuilding, and with their help hundreds of projects have been repaired, completed and successfully done. But in some areas they continue to give willing support in Combat and defense. The 42nd Field Artillery, working as part of the 4th battalion, 1st BCT, 4th Infantry is still an active and vital part of the combat operations in different areas in and around Baghdad. The Soldiers working in this area of Baghdad are conducting the same mission that they performed earlier in Central Iraq, but now they are attending the citizens near Baghdad. They also are operating in a safer environment than they were in over a year ago. The 42nd Field Artillery is based out of FOB Prosperity and they conduct combat patrols and a variety of different security operations in the Karkh region, and they work to patrol the south Mansour area of Iraq. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The soldiers of the 42nd Field Artillery have worked hard over the last year to provide support and encouragement for the citizens and Iraqi Security Forces. The overall actions of the Field Artillery have been well received by the Iraqi community, and they have been very appreciative for the hard work of the Coalition.




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