Army Surge Brigade Prepares To Return

Successful 13 Month Deployment Noted Many people in the United States have been critical of the surge in Iraq, but the main thing is that the surge has been successful. As the remaining five Army Brigades start to prepare to return to the United States it will mark the end of the Troop surge. The soldiers for the most part are excited about returning, but especially since they are confident with the level of competence that the Iraqi Security forces have achieved toward being able to handle the overall security. It is a big change from situations a year ago. 12 months ago the security was tentative at best, and the citizens were distrustful, and insurgents were everywhere. The overall conditions were not safe, and many of the citizens were afraid to go out onto the street because much of the nation was controlled by terrorists, criminals and members of Al Qaeda. Now, the situation has reversed itself. Not only is it safe for the coalition to return the extra “surge level battalions,” that came over as a result of the surge, but the Iraqi security forces have worked hard to train and learn new ways. The Iraqi Security forces are trained, hard workers and they have learned how to effectively manage the security situation in the majority of Iraqi. Even after the surge is over, a smaller force from the Coalition will remain but the largest job they will have now is to work on rebuilding. They will help when asked with security issues, but there is so much more to do with rebuilding, and the Iraqi Security forces have the national Iraq Security well in hand, to the point that Coalition soldiers can focus on construction and rebuilding. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. “All in all our presence and efforts in Iraq have been successful, and we are very pleased. We are happy that we can leave with our heads held high, knowing that the people will be well served and safe at the hands of their own, Iraqi Security forces,” said Army Colonel Terry Farrell. Colonel Farrell is the commanding officer of 3rd Infantry, 2nd BCT in Baghdad, and one of the units that will return to America in July at the end of the 12 month Coalition Surge.




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